The End of the World - Remake


A Resident Evil/Silent Hill combo in 2D


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The End of the World - Remake is a 2D platformer with a setting and parts of its gameplay similar to Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

The game story basically tells of how a meteor strikes the Earth, unleashing a toxic cloud to the atmosphere that turns almost all living beings into monsters.

You, one of the few survivors, have to try to make your way through this desolate world to find a camp of survivors where you can take refuge.

In The End of the World - Remake you have to move forward through a 2D wasteland plagued with zombies and other creatures of the night. In the beginning you have only a knife to defend yourself, but soon you can pick up a handgun and other weapons.

In any case, facing off against all the monsters is not an option in The End of the World - Remake, since there are much more of them than you and they're much stronger too.

The End of the World - Remake is a 2D platform game with some action elements thrown into the mix. The combination of gameplays together with the setting make this game a super interesting experience.
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